I’ve got a Secret Message

Secret Message Board

Secret Message Board

I have been busy working on new products for Hull’s Happiest Days Designs. As I mentioned in earlier posts- Valentine’s Day is big around our household- and some of my best designs started out as gifts I created for my family members. Well, the secret message board is just one of those designs. What do you do if you have tween children – who love Valentine’s Day- but are hugely embarassed at getting love notes from their parents? A Secret Message Board of course! On one side of the board – it’s a sweet little wall hanging perfect for any tween’s room. The other side of just one heart however, has a happy message from Mom and Dad. Genius! Now my daughter’s can relish in parental love and approval without losing respect from their friends.

This darling board would be a great wedding, anniversary, or birthday present- for anyone you want to tell a secret. Shhhh… we’ll never tell.

Secret Message Board heart detail

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Wedding Bells in our Future…

Bridal Bouqet Cake Plate and Dome

Hull’s Happiest Days Designs is preparing to offer Wedding Planning! Over the next few months we are readying ourselves to grow and expand into Wedding and Event planning. This progression is a very exciting new offering that dovetails perfectly with Hull’s Happiest Days Designs’ mission: to create art, artifacts, and experiences for people who are celebrating love and other milestone moments. We create – happy to hold on to!

I will keep you in the loop as we get closer to launching this new area. Right now, we are developing new Custom Bridal China Dinnerware Patterns, new cake toppers, new candle holders, luminarias, and other lovely accessories to complete your wedding decor & grace your home for years to come.

Previously, as a theatre director, ( Shawn) I have the opportunity to produce numerous plays, arts festivals, and gallery showings. My artistic and organizational expertise combined with Hull’s Happiest Days Designs meaningful wedding pieces, customer collaboration, and attention to detail is a perfect marriage for the couple who wants a wedding tailored to their vision, their budget, and their love.

We plan to offer wedding & event planning and design in the Greater Philadelphia area. Don’t worry we are not going to stop creating the lovely personalized, and customized gifts and accessories we are known for- we will be expanding our design lines and offering this new service. Sweetheart single dessert plate close up

xo Shawn – Hull’s Happiest Days Designs

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Show em’ you are all HEART!

Love Notes Guest Book hearts with hand built bowl

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you are having a happy day – snuggling up with your sweetie and celebrating LOVE with family and friends! In honor of this day, I am gathering up all our Hull’s Happiest Days Designs’ work that features HEARTS! You may find all these beauties at Hull’s Happiest Days Designs .

Sweetheart single dessert plate close up

Something Sweet


Apple tree fine dessert set for 2

The Family Tree

Story of us Heart

A Love Story

Personalized Heart and Key Bridal Bouquet Charm

Poetry, Your Heart, and Its Key

Happy Valentines Day! xoxo Hull’s Happiest Days Designs


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Sneak Peek into Spring Designs

Lake Platter inside

One of our family dreams is to own a lake house. We used to own the sweetest little cottage in the woods, complete with apple tree, deer, wild turkeys, and a lovely calm lake close by. We had to give it up a couple of years ago, and I have pining ever since …

So our this Spring I am inspired by dreams, moving towards what my heart years for and creating beauty and hope for the future in our work. This sweet little porcelain platter (11″ diameter) is a lovely multi-functional piece- perfect in the kitchen as serve-ware, the dining room on a buffet as a drink tray, or a centerpiece of your tabletop decor to coral candles.

Lake Platter with props

Lake Platter Listing

We will be following up this lovely water color styled abstracted lake and the woods design with mugs, plates, and other dining pieces. This is our first sneak peek. It is completely hand made from my hand rolling out the porcelain with a vintage rolling pin. Hand cutting the slab, joining the pieces with slip, drying, bisque-ing, hand glazing, and twice kiln firing. We’ve also added a sweet little vine and leaf applique to the outside.

Lake Platter side with detail

This lovely piece is food safe, dish washer safe, and meant to loved and used for years to come. Each piece is signed by the artist, and we can personalize the sides with a special date or message as well. Click the link below to take you to Lake platter in our shop.

A little piece of happy to hold onto…

xo Happiest Days Designs


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Crafty Valentine Embroidery

Hugs & Kisses Pink 1

Shower the ones you love with hugs and kisses they can snuggle up to all year through! This easy DIY craft is perfect for husbands, beaus, snuggle buddies, and kids. Hand embroidery is a simple craft that can embellish easy to find blank pillow cases and duvets.

Things you will need:

Embroidery Needle

Embroidery Floss

Standard Hoop

Fabric you want to embroider (pillow case, cloth napkin, duvet cover, etc.)


Once you have pulled together your supplies- iron your fabric- and using the pencil decide on placement and write (cursive is easier to stitch) the words or phrase onto the fabric. The lines should be light, but clear enough for you to follow. I chose: Hugs & Kisses and xxx ooo – other options work like Love, Hunny Bunny, Handsome, etc.

Then using a simple back split stitch – you begin to write with thread. View the below video for a demonstration:

The more you practice, the easier it gets. It does take some time- especially if your words and designs are large. I’d give yourself at least two weeks to complete this project in your spare time. If you want it ready by Valentine’s Day- I’d start no later than early February.

Once you feel comfortable you can start to experiment with words and simple little details- below is another duvet cover I did- at the foot of our bed.

Love Embroidery Design

Jenny Hart is a well know embroidery artist and teacher. She has written several books and has a website for supplies and embroidery patterns. I started with the book Sublime Stitching- author Jenny Hart and photos Alexandra Grablewski. I love cuddling up with my embroidery hoop, some pretty floss, and a good movie. Definitely a happy day!

xo Happiest Days Designs


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Amish Style Chicken Corn Chowder

Chicken Corn Chowder on the Stove

Hot soup on a cold day makes me happy! This is perfect Snow Day Soup- easy to make and it makes a bunch! This soup comes Jeff Smith- The Frugal Gourmet

Amish Style Chicken Corn Chowder

Recipe adapted from Jeff Smith- The Frugal Gourmet

1    3-4 lb. Whole Chicken – Cut Up

3   Quarts of Water

1   Onion

2   Bay Leaves

Fresh Parsley

2   Eggs

2   cups of All Purpose Flour

Pinch of Kosher Salt

28 oz. of Frozen Corn

1   14 oz can of Creamed Corn

Extra Salt and Pepper to taste

Put Whole chicken in large pot with 3 quarts of water. Put in the pot 3 sprigs of parsley. About a tablespoon of salt, 2 bay leaves, and black pepper to taste. Bring the pot to a boil and cover. Cook Chicken on the stovetop covered for one hour.

Turn off heat and take off lid. Take out chicken and set aside and cool. Skim fat off the top of the chicken. Good tip- remove fat with a slotted spoon, then take the end piece off a loaf of bread and drag it across the surface of broth. Return broth to a boil.

Lightly beat two eggs and add to flour and salt. Mix it to create a crumbly mixture with pebble shaped flour pieces. To make the the rivels, once broth boils drop handfuls of the flour into the boiling soup. Boil for six minutes.

Take off skin and remove bones from the chicken. Cut up chicken into bite sized pieces.

Once the Rivels/dumplings are boiled add 28 oz. of frozen corn and the can of creamed corn. Stir and add the chicken meat. Allow the mixture to cook about 10 more minutes.

To finish cut up about a 1/4 cup of parsley and add to the finished soup.

Enjoy a mug full of warm, yummy, happy!


Hull’s Happiest Days Designs





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Let’s Work Together!

Kevin digging out

Well the Blizzard Jonas- 2016- dumped 28 inches in my neck of the woods! That is a ton of snow. Although we have a farmhouse from the 1800’s our house is nestled in a newer development- sort of like a reminder of what used to be. We love having the combination of old colonial stone and neighbors and walking trails. Its the best of both worlds. At times like these-major snow storms-it is great to have all our neighbors around: for fun and hard work.

In the hood today we had igloo building, sledding, and snow blowers a-going! The kids blissful in the fun kept occupied while parents and friends dug each others driveways, cars, and sidewalks out from under. Maybe later when the work is all done – the rest of us will be able to play cards, have some drinks, and chit chat about how happy we all were that the power never went out. Hooray! A happy day : )

xo Happiest Days Designs

Our House Blizzard 2016




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