Our Story

Our Ten Year Anniversary Party

Life is filled with happiest days!

Hi I’m Shawn and he’s Kevin. Together we created Hull’s Happiest Days Designs. Kevin and I met in San Francisco, at the Towering Inferno, true story. We were both temps at Embarcedero I where Charlton Heston filmed the Towering Inferno in the 70’s. In the 90’s our friendship began, our love story would take a bit longer.Kevin has a MBA in Economics from DePaul and a BA in Math from UC Santa Barbara. He is an adorable math geek and statistical reporter extraordinaire. My Grandmother called him Bank Man, also true story. However, he is also an accomplished oil painter and artist. He makes quilts too. My Renaissance Man, I know I gush, but I really do still like him, ALOT. Kevin has an eye for detail and realistic painting that I can not even attempt. We’ve been married for 14 years and I still am amazed all that he is, artist, bank man, husband, and father. He really does rock.

I ( Shawn) have a MFA in Theatre from UC, Davis. I have spent over 20 years in professional theatre, educational theatre, community arts outreach, and even collegiate teaching. I have also a profound love of visual arts and craft. My work in visual arts have included painting both oil and acrylic and now porcelain designs.

Once Kevin and I got married, way back in 1997, we decided we wanted to focus our lives on creating a family, a business, and a life that truly reflected who we are and what we value. Our home is a 260 year old historic stone farmhouse in rural PA, we have two beautiful little girls, two dogs, a dwarf hampster, and a guinea pig. After a couple of incarnations we also have the business that we always wanted as well. Hull’s Happiest Days Designs!

Hull’s Happiest Days Designs is built on the premise that life is full of happy days, milestone moments, and tiny beautiful moments of joy as well. Our dessertware, hand built favors, and home decor are meant to be tiny works of art that are useful and link back to those happy moments and memories. Each Hull’s Happiest Days Design Product is custom made and hand built, unique just like you, just like your life.

We treasure the fact that our work is often given as gifts for Weddings, Anniversaries, New Baby, and New Homes. Thank-you for letting us be part of your Happiest Days!

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