Celebrations! Oh Happy Day!

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Photo: by Dan at Paul Saunders Photography

Life has been so busy since I last posted! We moved from temporary housing to our new permanent home. However, first it needed to be renovated. That was quite the endeavor. While we were moving, our very first weddings in the Finger Lakes were happening. Let’s just say things were a hoppin’ over here.

We so loved being part of our clients’ weddings over this wedding season. There were barns, lanterns, the lake, music, and plenty of BBQ.

Click the photo to take you to our wedding page

Photo by: Nick and Natasha Photography

As the season came to a close, I must admit I was pretty tired and ready to slow down and nest in our new home. Things have finally settled down. As I made my way back into the studio I was inspired by our new surroundings, the new people we have met, and my desire to create pieces that will add to people’s lives and their celebrations. I’ve been working on pieces people can incorporate into weddings but then take into their everyday lives- anchors to happy times. I believe in the importance of pieces that are artful, handmade, and carefully curated making everyday feel special.

The natural beauty of the Finger Lakes is so inspiring, I’ve allowed the forms to inform the way I work with the clay. New textures and shapes to offer new ways for our customers to use and enjoy them. As the holidays are coming, I though I would share this new collection- to add to the older collections that are still so festive. Perhaps they will grace the table of your holiday celebrations!

Click the photo to take you to our website
Click the photo to go to our website
Click the photo to go to our website

We love being part of you happy moments, weddings, holidays, birthdays! Thank you for inviting our work into your life! xo- Happiest Days Designs

About Hull's Happiest Days Designs

Hello, I'm Shawn Hull half of Hull's Happiest Days Designs. Our blog focuses on family, everyday happy moments, celebrations, and recipes. Our business creates lovely handmade gifts celebrating home, family, and life's milestone moments. Please follow our blog and take a look at our website www.happiestdaysdesigns.com or clicking on my picture above:)
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