Let’s do this again, same time next year!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts- our family and our business have relocated from rural PA to the Finger Lakes in NY. Overall, it has been an amazing change for all of us! My husband is enjoying a new work opportunity, our daughters have made new friends at an excellent school, and Happiest Days Designs has been able to expand into a new artist collective and wedding collective. The community has been warm and embracing. But…..

We lived in PA for over 20 years. The home we left, a historic Chester County farmhouse- we loved. The people we had built friendships with and family members ( we still have- because even though we’ve moved we haven’t let go of our PA people!) we loved. We had sooooo many family traditions. Traditions and rituals that marked the celebrations of each season of the year. These little celebrations we celebrated sometimes just in our little family, sometimes we invited neighbors and friends. Now, in a new place- doing some of the same rituals help ground us. Our little family has been through so many changes in the last 7 months. Although, overall it has been positive, change is still hard. It feels like everything is moving so fast.

So yesterday was Pi (e) day. Even though, I was working on orders and had to do BIG Grocery Shopping and still pick up the kid before 2:30pm and make dinner. I took the time to make Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. Because, the Pie was more than a pie- its a tradition. My husband and eldest are both huge MATH GEEKS- they wear that title with honor. Yes, we celebrate Pi (e) day every year. Right now, we all need somethings to remain the same. Although, the kids are now teens- they still appreciate pie on Pi(e) day. Anything that can bring the teens to the table and chat about what’s happening in their lives- is enough to make me ( good ol Mom) do that Big Grocery shopping and make the pie.

Of course, since I’m in a new area- the grocery stores aren’t all the same and a key ingredient ( corn starch- like who doesn’t have corn starch?- Apparently the Aldi I was at…) my new store didn’t carry. So, I looked up substitutes for corn starch – saw tapioca and flour. I went with the tapioca ( bad idea if you don’t like tapioca pudding). I finished sieving the vanilla pudding and felt that the texture was just too different from what we are used to- so yes, I started again. I am glad I did ( this time I used flour- but less than not in the quantity the website suggested ) and the vanilla pudding came out silky and delicious. PIE SUCCESS!

However, at this point I had spent 2 hours making pie twice and I hadn’t even started on dinner. This is where the husband comes in. You see now, because of the move he gets off work earlier ( big perk) and he walked in just when I was getting ready to start the Fritatta ( Italian Egg Pie) for dinner. We tag teamed- he made the fritatta and I contemplated how is it possible Aldi doesn’t carry corn starch? So yes, things have changed- Kevin is now home in enough time to make dinner- when I just don’t want to anymore, and things have remained the same: Pi(e) on Pie day.

My daughters were appreciative & home for pie. We actually sat around the dining room table had dinner and dessert together. Absolutely worth the BIG shopping trip. The told us about their day, the “tea”, and other teen stuff. Because no matter how much life changes, we as a family remain connected. Its important to make that extra effort to create your own family rituals and traditions. They help anchor you together. That is an excellent excuse for pie!

Recipe- Chocolate Bananarama Cream Pie

Enjoy! xoxo Shawn – Happiest Days Designs

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Hello, I'm Shawn Hull half of Hull's Happiest Days Designs. Our blog focuses on family, everyday happy moments, celebrations, and recipes. Our business creates lovely handmade gifts celebrating home, family, and life's milestone moments. Please follow our blog and take a look at our website www.happiestdaysdesigns.com or clicking on my picture above:)
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