Handbuilding: Floral Mug- Start to finish


Step 1- Roll out the clay, measure and cut out the shapes.

Roll out of flower mug


Step 2: Form the cylinder around a tube.

Forming of mug cylinder

Step 3: Cut out a circle base- slightly larger than the cylinder.

Flower Mug Cylinder and Base

Step 4: Attaching the cylinder to the base

Attaching Flower Mug base to cylinder

Step 5: Attaching all the way around. Then smoothing

Process of attaching base to mug cylinder

Step 6: Rolling down the lip.

Rolling down the lip

Step 7: Pulling the handle

pulling the handle

Step 8: Attaching the handle.

Attaching the handle

Step 9: Forming the flowers

Making the flower

Step 10: Attaching the flowers

Attaching the flowers

Step 11: Attaching the dots

Adding the dots

Step 12: Selective drying. The lip and the handle with flowers.

Drying the mug

Step 13: Uncovered & Drying for 3 days

Day two drying

Step 14: Bisque Firing. Firing and cooling at least 12 hours.

Bisque Firing mug

Step 15: Glazing. Then firing to vitrification – at least 12 more hours.

Glazing mug

Step 16: Back to the kiln to fire to vitrification. Another 12-16 hours.

Bisque Firing mug

Step 17: Final mug! Yay! I hope Karen loves it 🙂 Check out the website and let’s collaborate and make something for you!

Finished mug after final glaze firing

xoxo   Shawn – Hull’s Happiest Days Designs







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