And the Bride Wore Blue … J&M’s Wedding – October 2017

Church doorway1

J & M got married on a gorgeous Autumn afternoon in October. The weather was warm with just the slightest tinge of the chilly weather to come. A lovely quaint country chapel, set the stage for a lovely traditional wedding. But the pastoral traditional sermon as well as the entire event had a twist. The Bride wore Blue, game boards stood in for floral centerpieces, and mad libs and kissing menus encouraged guests to have fun!

The blue wedding dress donned by M is one of the many testaments to how truly unique this couple is! J&M’s wedding was a multi-state coordination, with the ceremony being held in Maryland, the reception in Delaware, and the wedding planner (me!) traveling from Pennsylvania.  However, buses provided by Charm City Connections in Baltimore made sure everyone made it to the Church on time and made it safely back to the hotel after a night of dancing.

The lovely DuPont Country Club served as the reception venue. The Crystal Ballroom was both stately and playful with claret and blue table linens and board game centerpieces for each table. J&M chose particular games for guest at each table to play after dinner and take home afterwards.   Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme were huge hits among the guests as well as oldies like Yahtzee. In keeping with the theme, Hull’s Happiest Days Designs also hand-folded small origami dice for the table numbers and huge ones (nine inches tall!) for the escort table. So fun.

Room view


The fun continued with kissing menus, an adorable twist on the clinking of glasses to make couples kiss.  Instead, a table has to do something to get the couple’s attentions – like loudly singing a song – and the couple will kiss. Also, Advice to Newlyweds, a silly twist on the summer camp favorite Mad Libs were in play. Guests were encouraged to fill out their  marriage mad libs and the couple collected them for a hilarious keepsake of their happy day.

Mad libs

The couple made the most of their wedding and had fun with friends and family dancing the night away.


We were so honored to be able to be part of this celebration. J&M we wish you years of love and happiness.


xoxo Shawn & Kevin – Hull’s Happiest Days Designs



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