Love and Hygge

It’s snowing outside, the candles are lit, you and your sweetie ( and kiddos optional)  are elbows deep in a mean game of Yahtzee, Candyland, or Cards Against Humanity, a warm fire glows, some snickety snacks – brie and bread, warm bowl of soup, and sipping a mug of hot cocoa – or if you are really lucky a mug of Glogg (mulled wine spiked with brandy). You are living the Hygge life! Hygge is a nordic word that roughly translates to cozy. This time of year cozy is my favorite! I love staying in with family and friends and just hanging out together with comfort food, good movies, a board game, or just chit chatting.

Girls Stranger Things

Valentine’s Day is coming up and a hygge Valentines Day sounds absolutely dreamy! Why not stay in- instead of going out? Cuddle up with your sweetheart in your flannel heart pajamas have an indoor picnic for two in front of the fire, play a game of Truth or Dare, and sip some Glogg. You aren’t driving make that two mugs of glogg. Enjoy time spent together without spending a ton of money or driving around town in the cold. Cozy up and enjoy you are warm and snuggly at home while the wind whips outside. What could possibly be better? Oh yes,…. three mugs of glogg.

Recipe for Glogg

Extract Ingredients:

3 cups of water
4 tablespoons of sugar
Zest of a lemon
2 tsp of cinnamon
7-10 allspice berries
dash of nutmeg
dash of ground cloves

Bottle of Red Wine ( your choice. My favorites: Merlot and Pinot Noir)Handful of RaisinsGinger Brandy

Put all the extract ingredients into a saucepan, simmer for 5-7 minutes and then strain.  Take a nice bottle of red wine of your choice- warm up. Meanwhile, soak raisins in some ginger brandy until puffy-5 minutes or so.  In each mug pour in some warmed red wine, top with an ounce of the extract,  add some soaked raisins to the bottom of the mug, and top off with a shot of ginger brandy. Yum!

Happy Hygge! xoxo


Glogg with ingredients





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