Planning for an Intimate Birthday Dinner Party

Here on the east coast there finally is a little crispness in the air, apple picking outings, and pumpkin flavored everything signaling Autumn is here! I am so excited that Hull’s Happiest Days Designs is working with a client to throw a surprise birthday party during my favorite season of the year. The event will be  a lovely intimate Autumn dinner party in November. I met with guest of honor, under false pretenses, to try to uncover what type of party would make her heart sing. It’s important to me, that the event is a reflection of the birthday girl and her party suits her to a tee.

Since I am in cahoots with her daughter, I had figure out a bunch of information without spilling the beans! I started by using my acting skills to lead the  conversation and  talking about Hull’s Happiest Days Designs Event and Wedding Planning. Creating happy events is a fun business, and the conversation led to ideas for dream parties. I’m a super sleuth, and was able to uncover she’d love a intimate elegant party full of sparkle and candlelight, with a extravagant steakhouse dinner. Yes, we can do that.

I followed up with her daughter, to iron out the guest list, food, decor ideas, budget and venue. Since I am an artist, we also discussed ways I could take the birthday girl’s ideas translate them into something really special for her celebration in unexpected ways.

Here’s the direction we’re headed.   Taking into account the time of year- Autumn- and so leaves,  will be part of our theme. The atmosphere will be warm – candle light and gold metallic accents will add some sparkle and bling.  American Steakhouse food- so filet mignon and crab imperial, baked potato, and salad are on the menu. Since this is a birthday party we’ll be having  chocolate cake for dessert. Red wine will accompany the meal. The party will feel a little extravagant, but not fussy or stuffy. The guest list is limited to only 10 people and will happen at a private home. There is a fireplace in the dining room and the wood floors will add an element of coziness to the atmosphere. There is  long wooden table with banquette seating ( 6 seats)  and two smaller round tables- each seating two. A photographer will take some candid and photo journalistic style pics- so the event will be documented. The guests will leave with hand made tea light holders with gold rims- as favors.

Below are some inspirational ideas that we will be using to elevate the theme and make this dinner party special.


Gold Rimmed Dinnerware

I am making a dinnerware set (10 place settings) used for the party and for the birthday girl to keep. Each guest will sign the back of the dinner plate with a happy birthday message. This dinnerware set will be a lovely keepsake and gift commemorating this happy day.


Porcelain Leaves

Additionally, porcelain leaves will be used as napkin rings. I’ll take a ribbon and fish it through the hole and around the white linen napkin and tie in a bow. I am going to up the sparkle factor though, and edge the leaves in gold – just like the dinnerware. The leaves will be white, focusing on the shape and giving them a contemporary edge.


Gold and White Chevron Pattern Table Runner

This seems to be paper, which is an economical way to add pattern and visual interest, but there are also fabric versions. We will be using the table runner down the center of all three tables linking the three seating areas together visually.

linen-napkins-and-clothPlain Ivory linen napkins and Ivory table cloths on the two round tables will add to an element of understated luxury.


Gold Votives-

We’ll dot the table with little tea lights- to add warm, sparkle, and bling.


White Mums – We’ll add some simple white mums – low in white vases- most likely glass or white porcelain. This lovely flower is the epitome of Fall and will add sculptural drama and a fresh natural element.


The main event: Dinner- Filet mignon

I am  in the process of making 10 hand built porcelain tea light holders with gold rims- to be put into gift boxes – as favors for each guest. Also I am researching invitations, and music to be in the background and complete the mood.

As the event continues to evolve in its planning – I’ll report back – with vendors we’ll be using and photos of the party itself.

How fun planning this happy day! Let Hull’s Happiest Days Designs help you plan your happy day- big or small.

xo – Shawn Hull – Hull’s Happiest Days Designs






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