What I did this Summer….

image 25

19 year vow renewal picnic – Shell Beach, Jenner, CA

So just in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been this summer- I thought I’d write a catch -up post. I have been so busy balancing fun, kids, business, and launching a new business this summer, I haven’t gotten around to posting. So as I am taking 15 minutes for myself – sitting alone- while my kids and their friend entertain themselves. I am gonna fill you in.

One of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that I can take a vacation whenever I want- sort of. I usually don’t take the vacation- because it’s scary taking time away from the business, I don’t want to leave clients work unfinished, and when I’m not working I’m not making an income… However, I decided to take my own advice, and fill my summer with happy days. It has been wonderful! I realized that by taking a break- I actually looked forward to coming back to work- with lots of new enthusiasm and new ideas.

So the summer started the day after our girls got out of school. We jumped on a plane and went on a Friends & Family tour of California! My husband and I met in California 23 years ago. We moved back East 18 years ago. Life happens and we hadn’t seen some of our California family and friends for 13 years. What a sad state of affairs. So we kicked off the summer with our whirlwind CA Tour.

Slide at Kims

Swimming with cousin Kim in So-Cal

Hanging out in San Francisco with Doug and Joaquin

Sacramento and Tahoe with Uncle Ken and Aunt Kashmira

renewal kissgoodiesseaside picnic renewalimage 87

Vow renewal & seaside picnic on our cliff- Jenner, CA


Hull Clan

Hull Clan Almond Farm in Chico, CA

Yosemite Falls and Cathedral Rock, Yosemite, CA. I survived climbing Yosemite Falls- barely 1000 ft.

Shakespeare's Playground

Then back to work with Delaware Shakespeare Festival- Shakespeare’s Playground touring Delaware parks

Then a pilgrimage to a favorite spot the Book Barn & 4th of July Backyard BBQ

Then some culture at the Barnes Foundation followed by carefree fun at the picnic park.


Educational Trip to Gettysburg National Park

Oh yes, I also had completed my Wedding Planner Course and Internship and have begun to visit local event venues and establish relationships with vendors like the Chesapeake Inn.


It’s been a very busy Summer filled with lots of Happiest Days! So as you see, it’s been a little tough keeping up with the blog. But I’m back on top of it now! Hope your summer was filled with fun and lots of time with those you love.

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