I’ve got a Secret Message

Secret Message Board

Secret Message Board

I have been busy working on new products for Hull’s Happiest Days Designs. As I mentioned in earlier posts- Valentine’s Day is big around our household- and some of my best designs started out as gifts I created for my family members. Well, the secret message board is just one of those designs. What do you do if you have tween children – who love Valentine’s Day- but are hugely embarassed at getting love notes from their parents? A Secret Message Board of course! On one side of the board – it’s a sweet little wall hanging perfect for any tween’s room. The other side of just one heart however, has a happy message from Mom and Dad. Genius! Now my daughter’s can relish in parental love and approval without losing respect from their friends.

This darling board would be a great wedding, anniversary, or birthday present- for anyone you want to tell a secret. Shhhh… we’ll never tell.

Secret Message Board heart detail

About Hull's Happiest Days Designs

Hello, I'm Shawn Hull half of Hull's Happiest Days Designs. Our blog focuses on family, everyday happy moments, celebrations, and recipes. Our business creates lovely handmade gifts celebrating home, family, and life's milestone moments. Please follow our blog and take a look at our website www.happiestdaysdesigns.com or clicking on my picture above:)
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