Crafty Valentine Embroidery

Hugs & Kisses Pink 1

Shower the ones you love with hugs and kisses they can snuggle up to all year through! This easy DIY craft is perfect for husbands, beaus, snuggle buddies, and kids. Hand embroidery is a simple craft that can embellish easy to find blank pillow cases and duvets.

Things you will need:

Embroidery Needle

Embroidery Floss

Standard Hoop

Fabric you want to embroider (pillow case, cloth napkin, duvet cover, etc.)


Once you have pulled together your supplies- iron your fabric- and using the pencil decide on placement and write (cursive is easier to stitch) the words or phrase onto the fabric. The lines should be light, but clear enough for you to follow. I chose: Hugs & Kisses and xxx ooo – other options work like Love, Hunny Bunny, Handsome, etc.

Then using a simple back split stitch – you begin to write with thread. View the below video for a demonstration:

The more you practice, the easier it gets. It does take some time- especially if your words and designs are large. I’d give yourself at least two weeks to complete this project in your spare time. If you want it ready by Valentine’s Day- I’d start no later than early February.

Once you feel comfortable you can start to experiment with words and simple little details- below is another duvet cover I did- at the foot of our bed.

Love Embroidery Design

Jenny Hart is a well know embroidery artist and teacher. She has written several books and has a website for supplies and embroidery patterns. I started with the book Sublime Stitching- author Jenny Hart and photos Alexandra Grablewski. I love cuddling up with my embroidery hoop, some pretty floss, and a good movie. Definitely a happy day!

xo Happiest Days Designs



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