The Snow is Coming! I’m so excited- for realsies.


The TV news has been tracking a potential snow storm – the first of Winter here- and boy oh boy am I excited! I LOVE SNOW! So much fun! Around here people go BONKERS when they hear a snow storm is on the way and the grocery stores are mad. But who wants to be snowed in without any hot cocoa or carrots for snowman noses? Not me- so I am getting prepared… to the grocery store I go:

Snow Day Menu:

Hot Cocoa – Milk, Unsweetened Cocoa, Sugar, Vanilla, Cinnamon, whipped cream, marshmallows. (1 tsp of cocoa, 3 tsp of sugar, a shake of cinnamon, splash of vanilla, 14 oz of warm milk – top with marshmallows and whipped cream

Bailey’s  & Peppermint Schnapps ( Grown Up Hot Cocoa – a nice glug of each in your mug)

Homemade Soup – Chicken Corn Chowder – Look for the Recipe in upcoming post


Lunch meat – turkey, ham, cheese

French Toast Casserole ( Pioneer Woman’s Recipe is my favorite) – next morning

Berries (fresh blueberries or frozen raspberries are great with French Toast )

Orange Juice

Coffee & tea


Brownie Mix ( we like Ghiradelli – big boxes at Costco)

Carrots ( snow people noses)

Soup is made early and we snack on soup, sandwiches, popcorn and brownies all through the day- before sledding, after snowman building, and warming up time. Which leads us to

Snow Day Activities

Sledding ( our neighbors hill)

Snow Shoeing – Walking through the neighborhood

Snow Shoveling – Husband and daughters

Snow Shoveling Observation – Me watching the above activity out the window – cup of hot cocoa in hand ( and more on the stove for cold shovelers)

Snow Building – Snowman, Snow Kids, Large Snow Pig, and Igloo


And …


Paint (oil, water color, acrylic)

Canvas or Cardboard

Clay ( of course)

Fabric or Pillowcases

Embroidery floss & Needles

Sketch Pad & Pencils & Pastels

Camera & Video Camera

Last but not least…

Movies, Netflix, and Books! 

You can only play in the snow and create happy art inspired by said snowy wonderland for so long before you crash in exhaustion. That’s when its time for snuggling in your jammies while watching movies, reading, or napping! Oh what a happy day!

ds our home

Our 260 year old home


Hull’s Happiest Days Designs








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