Objects of Affection

Our 260 year old home

I am not really a very materialistic person, however I am a very sentimental person. I do love lovely things but I love lovely things that were given to me by someone I love even more. I think a home should be full of beautiful useful objects, but even more importantly, a home needs heart. It’s people who create the heart in the home, not just a collection of things.

I look around my home and I realize that I love things with history, a story, and a connection to people. My home is 260 years old. That’s some serious history, our house pre-dates the US Declaration of Independence. I love imagining the people who have lived in our home before we did. What were their lives and loves like? Would they like us? Would we like them? What did they hold dear?

Gold plated flatware from Grammy with our Apple Tree Design Linen Napkin

I look around my house and as I name each piece I make a mental note of where it came from, oh we bought that hutch in that re-sale shop when we first moved here-that was the first purchase for our new home, to yes, the gold color plated flatware from my Grandmother, and this is my Dad’s Drafting table that is now the centerpiece of our studio. I love how I can follow the history, the story, and the sentiment behind many of the pieces of furniture, serveware, and art work in our home back to moments spent with people I love. To me that is the heart of the home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still shop at the Dollar store for plastic ketchup bottles and go to Target for everyday items. But those items are not meant to last, not for a lifetime and certainly not to be passed down. Yes, they are useful, functional, and decorative but no they don’t have the same meaning behind them. They are disposable.

In our business we strive to create products that are useful but also symbolic, personal, and in some way help create the story between people. As I look around my house, what gives me that cozy safe feeling is being surrounded by objects that hold meaning.

What objects in your home do you hold dear? What are the stories behind them? Please share with us…

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Hello, I'm Shawn Hull half of Hull's Happiest Days Designs. Our blog focuses on family, everyday happy moments, celebrations, and recipes. Our business creates lovely handmade gifts celebrating home, family, and life's milestone moments. Please follow our blog and take a look at our website www.happiestdaysdesigns.com or clicking on my picture above:)
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1 Response to Objects of Affection

  1. Cristina says:

    I know what you mean. I was born in a tiny small village (about 60 people now) in our 500 year old house. And thou it needs serious renovations, we don’t go throu it because we don’t want it to lose its character. The Havana tiles, the old stucco, the 6″ thick wooden doors… And I could go on and on for hours. Now we only use the house a summer month a year to gather the whole family and because even when there are 40ºC outside, we’ve to wear a sweater inside. Its thick walls also bring peace and quiet. You wake up to the chirping of birds…. See? I could go on for hours 😉

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